What's In A Name


Choosing a name for our online home was almost as stressful as naming one of my children. I felt like I needed to get it just right, and oh by the way, domain names are hard to come by these days. But the name choice was intentional, and it goes deeper than just availability…

So, why For Esperanza?

The best answer I can give you is,


Let me try to explain. I have this bracelet that I always wear…it simply says esperanza. Hope. I wear it as a reminder to pray hope over all of my CB kids and families. Hope, if they still believe in it, scares them to death. It’s a dangerous thing and for many of them, it has left them behind.

One of the boys at CB recognized that I always wear this bracelet and said “So, your bracelet, is that ‘cause of him?” And jerked his thumb towards the first one that captured my heart.

The one who I went back for. The one who changed my world. The one who lives in a house by the name of Esperanza.

Caught completely off guard, and not wanting to embarrass the subject of the thumb pointing, I just went for the obvious, “It means hope.”

“I know what it means,” he answered, waiting for more.

So simple wasn’t going to satisfy.

“And yeah,” I said relenting. “It is because of him too. And because it reminds me to pray for all of you.”

He laughed, looked at the boy who I continue to pray hope over, and said, as only a teenage boy can, “She loooovvveees you!”

Yeah. Yeah I do. I love all of them.

Ashley Cunningham